He’s coming.

Have you ever wanted to rebase or burn tokens whenever you want? Gamble some tokens for the chance of more? Benefit from actually shilling?

Well DOGIRA has you covered.

DOGIRA is a novel, experimental new ERC20 token that utilizes RFI mechanics where 1% of all tx goes to all holders. 1% goes to dogecity. And then you have a buy or sell fee.


Buy fees go into a prize pool that award every 10th buyer with ALL THE BUY FEES. …

Community Marketing B*itchez

I’ve always been fascinated by community driven things. Projects where people get together because they believe in things. I’ve seen many that have done some crazy xs because of it, online and IRL.

So DOGIRA is the beta experiment to this. Instead of using the marketing fund on some YTers or influencers and investors having to worry if a single team or person will dump on you, we put the money directly in your hands to spread the good word.


Within the DOGIRA contract code is a function that will award addresses with experience points. These experience points are…

We’ve all been there. Great project, still working out its front-end, or worse they require you to interact with the contract directly cause some hack or something needs you to withdraw your tokens. HOW I DO DIS?

In this short tutorial I’ll break it down in a few ways you can do this.

Things you’ll need

First thing you’ll need is the ERC20 contract! IF you don’t have the contract address get it from an official admin from a tg you care about or you can get it from dextools usually.

As of right now we have War On Rugs auditing our code. And given the current gas prices we’re waiting for Shappy to finish the audit before we launch to mainnet (launching twice would SUCK).

But to adjust for costs and make things more fair for everyone we’ve adjusted the tokenomics. Looks more like dis.


  • presale allocation 48% (48 mil)
  • public sale 32% (32mil)
  • buy bonus pool 5%(5mil)
  • community/marketing/dogecity wallet 15% (15mil)


  • token amount - 48mil
  • hard cap - 50eth
  • soft cap - 15eth
  • presale price =1ETH:960,000 DOGIRA($0.0017)
  • uniswap price =1ETH:800,000 DOGIRA $(0.002) (presale buys at 20% discount)

80% of raised ETH= uniswap liquidity
20% of raised ETH = costs for launch, audit, front-end dude. And team


After talking with Shappy (War On Rugs) it became clear to me that not all memers who claim to be doing it for the community are actually doing so…. Not shit really. 😿

BUT DOGIRA takes NO prisoners. So I’ve decided to put all the unlocked funds (marketing, dev, community, roughly 20%) into dogecity wallet. 🐶 Dogecity has now a limit on how much can be transferred out of that wallet (either to the pool via selling or another wallet — for when we want to implement DOGEY KONG) for up to 5% per day of that wallet. This will…

Something approaches…. haz you hear?

Token sale! Much wow!

- 40M DOGIRA for presale
- 1ETH : 1M DOGIRA with a 1.5ETH cap PER address
- Soft cap 15ETH
- Hard cap 40ETH
- Approx presale price $0.0016
- 90% of raised eth will be used for liquidity
- 10% will go towards audit/covering launch cost (cuz gas.)

If sold out approx listing price $0.00192.

Time details: Will be updated soon, final tests being done.
TG: https://t.me/dogiratoken


The true king is coming. Dogira will obliterate all that stands in its path. Bye bye paper hands. Very destruction.

Hello. I am Andre Musk. Not important who. I’ve been in crypto a while, much time. Am I satoshi? Maybe? Maybe not? But I summon best doge. No 50% coins to vitalik, no coins to andre cronje, no coins to elon musk. Coins only to you and dogira.


  • 100 million DOGIRAs
  • Each txn has a 1% tx fee that is split across all holders and 1% doge fee for…

Andre Musk

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